On-Site Energy Healing Sessions

Due to Covid-19 considerations, on-site energy healing sessions are not available at this time.  However, I normally offer on-site energy healing sessions for the cats of clients living in north Raleigh and will resume doing so when it is prudent.  An on-site energy healing session lasts one hour. The initial phone or email consultation to ascertain the nature of the pet’s issue is free of charge.

For on-site energy healing sessions, I drive to the client’s house to prevent the added stress to the cat’s system that being loaded into a pet carrier and driven elsewhere would generate. It is best for me to work with the cat in a room in which he or she is comfortable and from which he or she cannot wander without permission. At the beginning of the session, I will assess the pet’s energy system. I will then perform appropriate healing techniques, keeping my hands at a slight distance from the cat’s body. For pets who are aggressive or scared, I will work at a greater distance. At the end of the session, I will reassess the energy system. The client will be apprised of my findings and will receive recommendations for follow-up care.


For on-site healing sessions, the fee is $80.00 per one-hour session plus $.56 / mile for mileage beyond eight miles from my house.

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