Distance Energy Healing Sessions

Due to Covid-19 considerations, I’m conducting all my energy healing sessions as distance healing sessions at this time. The sessions themselves last one hour.  The initial phone or email consultation to ascertain the nature of the pet’s issue is free of charge.

For distance energy healing sessions, the client and I will agree during the initial consultation upon a start date and time for the session.  The energy I channel goes where it is needed no matter my location in relationship to the recipient, so for distance energy healing sessions I work from my home.  The client will remain at his or her home in the room with the cat in order to observe and make note of the cat’s behavior.  At the beginning of the session, I will assess the cat’s energy system.  I will then perform appropriate healing techniques, making note of my own findings.  When I am done working, I will reassess the energy system.  At the end of the session, the owner will call me to receive my findings and recommendations for follow-up care.


For distance healing sessions, the fee is $80.00 per one-hour session.  However, I am offering a special of $50.00 per one-hour session for an “Anxiety Antidote” distance healing session at this time in response to the anxiety everyone’s pets may be soaking up from the energy around them.

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