Pet Sitting

Due to Covid-19 considerations, I am not offering pet sitting services at this time.  My normal service area is north Raleigh, and I will resume pet sitting when it is prudent.  I provide pet sitting to cats in their own home so that they can avoid the stress of boarding in a busy and oftentimes noisy veterinary hospital. I also gladly take care of other pets if the client has both cats and other pets.  An initial thirty-minute consultation allows the client and their pets to meet me and allows me to familiarize myself with the location of the pet’s supplies and to take notes regarding the care routine.

In a standard pet sitting visit, which lasts thirty minutes, I feed the animals, change their water, scoop litter boxes for cats, let dogs out to relieve themselves, walk dogs (if they are accustomed to being walked), clean up any messes (within reason), play with the pets, and offer them comfort in the form of petting, kind words, and brushing. For households with more than two pets, an additional $2.00 per pet charge applies per visit. I will bring in the newspaper and mail and will water indoor plants at no charge as part of a pet sitting visit. Longer visits for an extra fee are an option as well.


The initial consultation is free of charge if you make your pet sitting reservation before or during the consultation. Otherwise the fee for the consultation is $20. For each trip to the client’s home for pet sitting, the fee is $20.00. There is an extra $5.00 charge per visit for holidays (New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day). A forty-five minute visit is $30, and an hour-long visit is $40. While I am happy to assist where needed, there is a $0.56/mile fee both ways for mileage beyond eight miles from my house.

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