Many of us are experiencing some degree of anxiety nowadays because of our concerns about the corona virus (Covid-19).  As you may know, our pets sense the emotional energy of the people and other animals around them as well as the energy of their environment.  It is not surprising, then, if you have noticed your pets acting more skittish than normal, perhaps jumping at noises or sudden movements, maybe not eating as well as normal, or exhibiting odd and/or inappropriate behaviors.  Clearing the anxiety and fear energy in your pet’s system can make a world of difference.

I would love to help your pets feel safe and calm again through energy therapy.   Due to the need for social distancing, I am doing my energy therapy exclusively remotely now.  The energy I channel goes where it is needed no matter my location in relationship to the recipient, which is beautifully perfect for the times in which we are currently living. 

The fee for a one-hour session is $50.  While it does depend upon the individual animal and circumstances, it generally takes at least three sessions to get anxious or fearful pets back to feeling like their normal selves.  To schedule a session, please contact me at kellybolz18@gmail.com or (919) 623-6368.

You take care of you, and I’ll take care of your pets. 

Does your pet need help recovering from illness or injury?  Is your pet anxious or fearful?  Is your aging pet in pain?  Schedule a distance energy healing session.  I will channel healing energy to clear, strengthen, and balance the energy flow through your pet’s energy system to help him feel his best.  Email me at kellybolz18@gmail.com or call me at (919) 623-6368 to schedule a session.  

Are you at your wit’s end because your cat is not using his litter box appropriately?  Does your cat spend all her time hiding under a bed?  Does your cat treat her housemates like prey?  Let me help unravel the mystery of your cat’s behavior and offer solutions.  Schedule a consultation by email at kellybolz18@gmail.com or call me at (919) 623-6368.

If you live in north Raleigh, NC off Durant Road between Capital Boulevard and Falls of the Neuse Road and need pet sitting services, I would be delighted to take care of your furry, scaled, or feathered family members for you.  Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, I will only provide services if there are no people in the house.  In order to keep everyone safe, our “meet and greet” consultation will be done via technology.  I will also wear a mask and gloves while taking care of your pets and will leave as soon as the pets’ needs are met.  Contact me by email at kellybolz18@gmail.com or call me at (919) 623-6368 to make a reservation.

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